How to Make a Factory Reset iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus – Useful Guide

In our article, we will tell you about factory reset iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus and after that consumers should understand how to do it properly.  

How to return this model to initial settings iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus 

factory reset iphone 8

On occasion, people can face a problem regarding the software of smartphones and they don’t know what way use to solve the case. For example, you would like to give the current product to another person and that’s why you need to delete information in the mobile item. Below people become to be aware of how to reset iPhone to factory settings.

These data are suitable for such models of Apple as iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus therefore the consumers may apply it in their own aims. We will help you to ask on follow question: what to do iPhone reset all settings. So, let’s see the information about the below parts:

  • How to reset to factory settings;
  • How to do hard reset;
  • How to do soft reset;
  • How to do master reset;
  • Use restart.

Start to view factory reset data! Let’s say, that it gives a possibility to renew the settings. By the way, we also tell you about the soft reset iPhone 8 – don’t worry, you will be aware of this part as well. At the end of the article, people will understand how to make the reset the settings of the apple phone.

factory reset iphone 8

Before performing this action you should make back up all data to exclude a possibility of disappearing any required information, you know. For this measure just go to “Manage Storage” and then select option “Backups” and it allows you to save important files totally.

Meanwhile, the method fits for the models of the 8 series. As for other linear, please use special services or appliances.

Detailed steps of factory reset iPhone 8        

It primarily suits these actions if you have a problem with your touchscreen and cannot use it the usual way. Follow next information:

  1. Switch on the smartphone of the above model;
  2. Then move to Settings and choose General;
  3. See carefully and click on Reset. By the way, you can do it for iPhone xs soft reset;
  4. Point your credentials regarding the mobile product to enter.
  5. After that reset process is starting;
  6. When the process is finished, the consumers can go on to use Apple products;
  7. Later check if all-important details are saved in the back and then select required actions;
  8. Reset product. Then you need to erase all information and wait for a while the deletion is going. After that, you can reboot the phone. This is a factory reset iPhone 8.

factory reset iphone 8

How to make Hard Reset

Now the consumers have to search this part of the reset process. But first, they need to know how to soft reset iPhone 8. It is just the usual restarting of the smartphone, it happens. And it can help to solve issues concerning the software of Apple.

So, you also should have hardware keys to make a master reset, indeed.

Don’t forget, it will delete all personal information in your apple item and again we repeat that you need to back up the phone. This matter should be done regarding any model of iPhone you use especially the 8 series, of course.

Just use all steps of saving the data, for example, your photos and contact details. It allows you not to nerve when you finish the reset process.

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How to make hard reset manually

The consumers should press and hold the Sleep/Wake and Volume Down buttons synchronically. And then wait for some time although the Apple logo will appear later. But you should see the recovery mode screen after these actions. Then select the Reset option.

How to make Soft Reset  

factory reset iphone 8

Apart from factory reset iPhone 8, people may take soft reset:

  1. Move to settings

Just use a search box if you cannot get the block “Settings”. iPhone 8 buttons will help you in this case.

  1. Move into “General”

This block is located between the “Display & Brightness” one and the “Do Not Disturb” parameter, you know. Don’t go to the gear icon.

  1. Choose reset option

The consumers should move to the bottom of the block “General” and then select it. This also replies on does a hard reset erase everything on iPhone?

  1. Further select delete all data and parameters

You should note that this option will erase personal settings and information at all. That’s why it requires you to save a backup of your data until you start to remove it completely.

How to make Master Reset

The master return as factory reset iPhone 8 removes all that you downloaded earlier including music files, pdf files, images, and so on in the system of your smartphone. That’s why transfer them on an SD card.

How to use master reset in settings menu

As we already said, this option returns initial factory parameters back and at the same time erases all information having in the apple product system. Don’t forget to back up all data you need. And also use movable cards for saving it.

You should lead the pathway to reset from the main screen to “General”.
Then select follow:

  • Reset All Settings
  • Delete All Content and Settings.

how to reset iphone to factory setting

Also, you have the below options:

  • It is linked with reset network settings iPhone 8. Reset Network Settings.
  • Reset Keyboard Dictionary
  • Reset Home Screen Layout
  • Reset Location & Privacy
  • Write in the phone password if it needs.
  • Agree on with choice.

Apart from factory reset iPhone 8, also you can use a power cycle to solve the problems with the phone. This helps you to reboot your iPhone.

More about soft reset for 8 Apple series

The consumers have to apple iPhone 8 plus soft reset when the usual way doesn’t work.

  1. Choose settings“General”.
  2. Then choose Reset.
  3. Choose Delete All Content and Settings.
  4. ChooseErase product.
  5. Smartphone offers you to go on. Choose Erase iPhone again. Well, it is the same steps how to reset iPhone XR to factory settings.

How to reboot factory reset iphone 8

For example, you try to factory reset iPhone 8 but there is no answer from it.

Restarting Apple phone
1. Firstly, tap and hold the sleep/wake knob before the slider appears.

  1. Drag it to switch iPhone off.
  2. Then make sure the phone is switched off and later tap and hold the same knob to turn on the Apple again.


If the reboot doesn’t work

In this case, you need to force it. Just try the below steps for these aims. Meanwhile, the consumers should remember what does reset all settings do on iPhone.

Just use the Sleep/Wake and Volume Down knobs and wait for 10 seconds. After that, the logo appears.

Besides it, the consumers may use the factory reset. They need to see the settings on the home screen.


What does reset all settings do?

First of all, you should backup all information Apple has in its own system. Also, pay attention that the smartphone will not be used while you are removing the data. But after the process is finished iPhone restores factory settings.

It is easy because we pointed all the affordable methods above.

By the way, you can save the backup in iCloud and iTunes since it is a very convenient way, you know. Sleep wake button on iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus also helps you to restart the smartphone. To load the saved data, you can use a Wi-Fi connection.

To make a factory reset iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, you can contact Customer Support as well. The Apple specialists will help you, indeed. Try to do it, of course.

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