Where Is the Microphone on iPhone 8 and How to Fix It

It is absolutely necessary to know the information about the microphone on iPhone 8  and particularly iPhone 8 microphone location to record high-quality audio and videos. To be precise, even 3 microphones.

Moreover, you should be aware of this part of the iPhone to make some functions work in general because in case the microphone is broken it is impossible. However, you may be surprised, but there are ways to repair a microphone in home conditions.

If there are 3 microphones, someone can suppose that 2 or 1 microphones left will be enough to record in case 1 or 2 of the iPhone 8 microphones are not working. That is incorrect since the microphones are situated in different places of an iPhone, so the sound can get worse while you use some functions.

Each function requires the work of a concrete microphone and consequently only needed microphone(s) are turned on in the process. The quality of the sound depends on the side where the audio sound is situated and the distance from the microphone to it.

microphone on iPhone 8

So, where is the microphone on iPhone 8? There are the following types of iPhone 8 microphones: the receiver/front microphone, the rear microphone, and the bottom microphone. Look at the picture below to understand where they are placed exactly.

A testing  microphone on iPhone 8 

The first and the most obvious action to learn if something works incorrectly test is to the microphone on iPhone 8. Different types of microphones are needed for different types of iPhone videos. Use this feature to check the microphones, just record audios and videos that involve each of the microphones one by one.

To check the front microphone, record a video with the help of the frontal camera. To check the rear microphone, record a video with the back camera. At last, to check the bottom microphone, you can use the voice memo app. If you hear the audio clearly and loudly, the microphone works great.

Now let’s talk about the ways of repairing microphones.

Cleaning microphone on iPhone 8 

Except for a breakdown of a microphone on iPhone 8, muffled sound can be caused by a clog of a dynamic. For cleaning a microphone, a brush can be used. It should be not too tough so that you escape making harm to the technique. Another way to clean a microphone is to apply an air compressor.

Here it is important to be extremely careful: hold an air compressor not too close to an iPhone and don’t make an air intensity too high. As you understand, other tough objects can damage a microphone, too, so avoid using such things as a toothpick or a sewing needle.

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Disconnecting Bluetooth Devices


microphone on iPhone 8


Problems with sound, for example, outsider noises or muffled sound, may appear because other people’s microphones on their gadgets around you engage in your recording with the help of Bluetooth. Fortunately, you can solve this problem with ease by just turning off Bluetooth in the control center.

Enabling Third-Party App Access

In such apps as Whatsapp, FaceTime, Skype, and Discord, failures with the audio exist in case you didn’t give access to the microphone to the apps.

To fix the situation, change some iPhone microphone settings: open Settings in the main menu, pick Privacy, then press on Microphone and give the access to the microphone to those apps that you want to have it and, on the contrary, forbid it to the others where you don’t need the function.

Resetting iPhone Settings

microphone on iPhone 8

If you tried all the methods to fix the problems with the microphone on iPhone 8 and none of them appeared to be helpful, you still have a chance to find a way out of the situation. You can reset phone settings.

Here there is a moment to pay attention to. It is necessary to know all the Wi-Fi passwords because they will be deleted as of a result of resetting the settings. To reset the settings, open the main menu, choose General, then Reset and, finally, Reset all the settings.

Updating the iOS

microphone on iPhone 8

The reason for your problems may not be connected with the questions ” Where is the mic on iPhone 8?” and “How to clear the microphone?”. Your microphone may not work if you didn’t install the last IOS version.

Though the IOS version should renew without your intention, sometimes that this procedure doesn’t happen. However, it is simple to launch it. As usual, open the settings in the main menu, pick General, then Software Update. Under the description of the present IOS version, you will see a button called Download and Install. Enter passcode if you are asked to.

The process of renewing often takes quite a long period, so you should pick the right time when you don’t need to use the phone, for instance when you go to bed.

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Seeking Additional Help

If even all the mentioned methods didn’t work for you, it is clear that you need to appeal to Apple company. You can either get a consultation on the phone or go to the nearest Apple service center where the specialist will do an examination at once.


That was all, we hope you got clear answers to such questions as “Where is a microphone on iPhone 8” and “What are home methods to fix the mic”.




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