How to transfer photos from iPhone to USB stick: six simple methods for you to try

It only takes a little effort to finish the procedure of transferring photos from your iPhone to a USB drive.

It’s a perfect solution if you have decided to save iPhone photos and different types of media files on another device other than your phone, thus making sure they are in a safe place and making it easier to share them with someone else.

In this article, we’ll dive into details and provide the methods of moving photos from iPhone to a USB stick effortlessly.

how to transfer photos from iphone to usb stick

Why is it crucial to transfer pictures to a flash drive?

The iPhone’s incredible camera capability gives its users the ability to capture stunning images. Yet, because of improved photo quality, images today need more storage space than they did in the past.

If you receive a message saying your iPhone’s memory is full, it would most certainly be the right decision to transfer photos from iPhone to a USB flash drive.

As a result, you are minimizing the risk of experiencing data loss. You can make a copy on a USB flash drive or another device if your iPhone contains any important photos or other media assets.

Therefore, you can still have an extra duplicate of your images in case there’s a sudden malfunction of your iPhone. You may carry your images with you everywhere you go thanks to the big storage capacity and excellent portability of the flash drive.

Moreover, we recommend you have several copies of your data.

If you are simply dumping your files solely on one external device, that is not a secure backup. Your images (or any other data) should be duplicated and stored in at least two distinct locations.

If your computer doesn’t have much drive space, it can be tempting to simply store all your photos and other huge files on the external drive. And it can appear to function normally if you’ve never had a drive fail. Even years could pass with no issues.

However, drives can break down at any time, and for this very reason having a backup copy is extremely essential. Otherwise, you risk losing all the photos and other files.

This may sound obvious to someone, but we have seen a lot of people lose their images after an external drive storing the only copy of their photos failed. After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

In order not to put yourself at any risk, start by exporting all your photos from iPhone to flash drive.

Go ahead and read the information down below and find out the finest techniques to transfer iPhone photos to flash drive.


Six simplest techniques to transfer photos from iPhone to USB flash drive

Photos app

Utilizing this app is perhaps the simplest option if you’re looking for a method requiring minimum effort and equipment to transfer photos from iPhone to a USB flash drive.

The program comes preloaded on your Mac computer and is rather simple to understand.

Therefore, it is possible to transfer photos from iPhone to USB flash drive without difficulty.

You will need to take the following actions:

  1. Link the phone to the computer.
  2. Choose the necessary images.
  3. Press Import.
  4. Connect the flash drive to the computer.
  5. Open the Finder window and locate your flash drive.
  6. Transfer iPhone photos to the flash drive.

Unfortunately, in case you attempt to give this method a shot, you should know that it is only possible to transfer Camera Roll photos. If it doesn’t suit you, feel free to try a different technique.

If, besides exporting photos from iPhone, you are eager to add backup iPhone photos, such as, for instance, iCloud sharing photos, or anything else, you also will have to try to implement a different photo transfer technique.

mac photo

USB cord

It won’t be difficult to transfer iPhone photos to flash drive in case you own a USB cable, but don’t possess a computer. The reason is that this technique does not require the latter.

Here are detailed instructions for the successful completion of this procedure:

  1. First, verify that you have got the Files app already downloaded.
  2. Connect USB flash drive to the adapter’s full-size end and affix the USB-C end to the phone.
  3. Select the desired files by going to the Photos app.
  4. Press “Save to Files” after clicking the “Share” icon.
  5. Now, transfer all your iPhone photos to the USB stick with the use of the Files app.



Here goes a new wonderful technique to transfer photos iPhone to flash drive.

  1. After having opened the Photos app, pick the images you have planned to transfer from iPhone to flash drive.
  2. Click the Share link and choose Mail. The phone will direct you to the Email app from there.
  3. Merely send yourself the photos from iPhone.
  4. Download the attached photos from your Email after opening it on your computer.
  5. Drag the downloaded photos to flash drive.


Windows PC

If you are eager to transfer photos from iPhone to a flash drive, luckily, it will take just minutes to finish this procedure if you are a user of a Windows PC.

It’s an easy way of clearing up storage space on your device, keeping images in a safe place, and sharing them with others easily.

Before you begin, we should warn you that this technique only gives you the ability to transfer Camera Roll photos from iPhone to flash drive.

You will need to take the following actions:

  1. Connect your iPhone to the Windows computer through a USB port.
  2. Open the Photos app on your computer.
  3. Pick the necessary images.
  4. Import photos into a Pictures folder on your flash drive.


Windows Explorer

Windows Explorer, or File Explorer, is most frequently needed to successfully transfer photos from iPhone to flash drive.

File Explorer allows you to browse and manage the files on all the disks.

Therefore, you can effortlessly transfer photos from iPhone to your USB stick with just a couple of clicks.

Here are the detailed instructions on how to do this in a few basic actions:

  1. You need to get your phone and PC connected. Create a folder on your USB flash drive under the name “iPhone Photos.” When the prompt for trust appears, click Yes.
  2. Open the folder named “Computer” and notice the new iPhone device.
  3. Click twice on the iPhone. Open Internal Storage, and select the DCIM folder.
  4. Locate your iPhone photos. Copy and paste these images from iPhone to flash drive.


The iCloud photo library is an online storage from Apple that is automatically connected to the iPhone photo gallery on your device.

The only requirement is the fact that you need to have enough space on your iCloud.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Open up your iPhone and go to the settings tab.
  2. Tap “iCloud,” and choose the photo tab.
  3. Toggle the iCloud Photo Library widget to immediately upload iPhone pictures to the cloud.
  4. Sign into your iCloud account from your computer once the transfer of your images has been completed.
  5. Put a USB flash drive into a USB port.
  6. Go to the Apple service’s photos section.
  7. By clicking the download option, you may choose any picture you have planned on exporting.


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Frequently asked questions

Can you transfer photos directly from iPhone to flash drive?

You can, indeed!

There are several methods you can implement in case you are eager to transfer photos from iPhone to flash drive.

Several ones out there involve using a computer. Other ones can be done without a computer altogether, uploading images and other relevant files directly to the USB device.

Using a USB cable is one of the greatest techniques to transfer photos from iPhone to a USB flash drive. Doing it through Email is yet another approach. Both of them appear to be quite simple!

flash drive

How do I transfer files from iPhone to USB without a computer?

The usage of a USB cable is perhaps the finest method to try if you have decided to transfer pictures to the flash drive without the necessity of utilizing a computer.

Complete each one of these stages:

  1. Download the Files app.
  2. Attach the flash drive to the adapter’s full-size end and affix the USB-C end to the phone.
  3. In Photos App, pick the images you have planned to transfer from your iPhone to USB flash drive.
  4. Press “Save to Files” after clicking the “Share” icon.
  5. Now, transfer pictures to the flash drive using the Files application.

What is the fastest way to transfer photos from iPhone to USB?

Among the fastest techniques for those wishing to transfer pictures to a USB drive is via Email. It is frequently utilized to upload and store numerous documents.

Stick to these points to complete your task successfully:

  1. Pick the photographs by opening the Photos app.
  2. Log in to your email account after tapping Sharing. Click Mail and send a message with the desired photos.
  3. Open Email on your computer.
  4. Search for the recently sent message, and download the images.
  5. Export photos from Mail to the flash drive after connecting the drive to the computer.

computer phone


Exporting photos from your iPhone to a USB drive is quite an effective method of preserving your pictures and storing them for future use.

Moreover, it’s a quick and simple way to share photos with friends and family and to look through your special moments again and again.

There are numerous techniques for you to implement if you are eager to transfer photos from iPhone to a USB stick, which include those requiring the use of Email, an iCloud account, or a computer.

These methods are not only quick and simple. Most importantly, they provide you with an efficient means of safeguarding all of your priceless memories.

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