How to remove grey bar at bottom of iPhone 11: a reliable solution

Apple has always been a company that isn’t afraid to venture into the unknown ground and explore brave new ideas. Sadly, sometimes innovations go hand in hand with failures. Just like that, the new grey bar feature added with the latest iterations of the iPhone is considered a nuisance by many users.

If you agree and think that the permanent thin bar at the bottom of the iPhone’s screen is an inconvenience, don’t worry. There’s a solution. Just read this article and you’ll be able to get rid of the grey bar in a blink of an eye.

How to remove grey bar at bottom of iPhone 11 2

Before we start

I have bad news and good news for you. What would you like to hear first? Ok, I’ll start with good news. As I said the grey home bar can be easily removed in a few seconds. The algorithm for that is quite straightforward.

The bad news is that you won’t be able to remove it forever. The grey bar is an essential part of the user interface in the new iPhones, and without it, you just can’t use them properly.

As you might know, the bottom bar has become an alternative to the home button we all know and love. Both the grey bar and the home button, allow users to switch between apps as well go back to the iPhone home screen.

At the same time, there is a simple trick that can help us to get rid of the grey home bar at the bottom of your device. Just read on and the infamous grey box will haunt you no more.

iPhone 11

Enter Guided access and get rid of the grey bar

Just as the name suggests, the trigger Guided Access is a mode that stops the user from accessing certain menus and/or apps. It was initially developed as a part of parental controls. We, however, are going to use it to get rid of the grey home bar at the bottom of the iPhone screen.

Step 1.

First, you’ve gotta make sure that Guided access mode is available. To do that open settings on your iPhone. After that, locate the accessibility settings at the very bottom of the page.

Step 2

In the accessibility settings menu, you’re once again going to need to scroll down to the General section. There, right above the accessibility shortcut option, you should be able to see the Guided access option. Click on it.

Step 3

Enable the Guided access by dragging the toggle-switch button into the active position.

Step 4

For the final step, you’re just gonna need to set guided access passcode. It consists of six digits. Guided access passcode settings are the menu you need. Choose a passcode that’s easy to remember, all zeros or all ones are just perfect.

Enter Guided access and get rid of the grey bar

Guided Access

Now let’s discuss how you can use the Guided access to remove grey bar at the bottom of the iPhone screen. It is very simple.

Step 1

Open the app you wanna use. As you can see the grey bar, the notorious grey box is still there. But not for long!

Step 2

It is time to turn on guided access. A triple-click on the power button shall do the trick. It’s the big button on the side of your iPhone.

Step 3

After the third and final click, you will see the guided access screen. Hit the word Start and after entering the passcode, you’ll be happy to discover that the grey box is gone.

Step 4

Once you’re done using the app triple click the power button again and hit End in the top left to exit the Guided access. The grey bar will come back and you will be able to close the app and return to the home screen.

Note: some articles say that you need to double-click. It’s wrong. Double click will not produce the desired effect.

Guided Access

Is it possible to get rid of the grey home bar quicker

Even though this method is very effective it does take some time, especially upon initial activation. There’s a way, however, to speed up the process a bit and save you a couple of clicks.

All you need to do is add the Guided access icon to the Control center menu.

Go to the settings app and find the Contol center option. Click on it.

iPhone 11 2

Here you can see the list of all your apps. The Included control section contains the apps which are already added to the Control center menu.

Find Guided access in the More controls section and tap on the green plus symbol. This shall add Guided access to the Control center menu.

Now, you can activate the Guided access without any physical buttons. Put your finger on the top of your iPhone’s screen and swipe down. In the opened menu, tap on the little lock symbol to enable Guided access.

Once you’re done using the app, swipe down again and disable the access by tapping on the lock again.

Is it possible to get rid of the grey home bar quicker

Is there any other way?

Not that I’m aware of. As I mentioned, the grey box is one of the key elements of the new iPhone IOS user interface. So you cannot get rid of it for good.

Guided access can help you hide icon dock for a limited amount of time. And so far it is pretty much the only solution to this problem.

This whole algorithm might seem like a very complicated process at first, but in reality, it’s very straightforward and you’ll get used to it pretty quickly.

If you’re still not a fan of this method, there are a few ways to make the bar less visible. For instance, you can change the screen brightness to make the bar a bit less noticeable. Another trick involves going into the System preferences and moving it to another place.

Apparently you are now an advanced user of Apple gadgets, but check if you know How to Turn Off Flash Notification on iPhone 11. We are gathering the most useful tips and tricks for you!

Is there any other way


The iPhone dock, also called the grey box, is an example of an unfortunate design decision. The grey bottom bar at the edge of the screen is hated by many users.

Some people think that the grey bar doesn’t fit the overall visual style of the interface. Others find that the bottom bar often gets in the way and prevents them from using their favorite apps.

Fortunately, there’s a way to remove the bottom bar and you don’t even need to contact Apple support for that.

Just activate the Guided access and the bottom bar won’t bother you any longer. I hope the guide was useful. Good luck!

iPhone 11 3

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What is the GREY bar at the bottom of my iPhone?

The grey home bar also known as the icon dock or the grey box has been developed as an alternative to the good old home button. The home bar allows users to navigate between applications and return to the home screen.

Can I remove the grey bar at the bottom of the iPhone screen?

In the most recent version of iPhone IOS the home bar is an essential part of the user interface. Without it, the phone would be deemed unusable.

It can be removed temporarily however with the help of Guided Access.

Above, you can find the detailed guide on how to activate the Guided access and remove the home bar in a matter of a few seconds.

What are the ways to remove the gray bar at the bottom of the iPhone screen?

The quickest and the most reliable way of removing the home bar at the bottom of the screen is to enter the Guided access while using an app.

To that go to the settings and find the Accessibility section.

Then tap on the Guided access option at the very bottom of the menu, right above the Accessibility shortcut.

Activate it. Tap passcode settings. Create a passcode and you’re good to go.

You can find a more detailed guide in the article above.

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