How to Change iPhone 8 Passcode Back to 4 Digits

The user of the iPhone often changes their iPhone passcode. If your iPhone has a six-digit passcode and wants to go back to a four-digit passcode here’s how to change iPhone 8 passcode back to 4 digits. The presence of iOS 9 and iOS 10 operating systems provides great progress. There are many things that can be done to facilitate the work through these advances.

Consider the features on iOS 9 and the interesting review of the grand media that discusses the features that exist in iOS 10. However, for now, let’s first discuss how to change the iPhone 8 passcode into a 4-digit passcode. If you are curious about the ways, follow the steps.

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Steps to Change iPhone 8 Passcode Back to Four Digits Easily and Quickly

The ways to change the current passcode for iPhone 8 or other products from Apple are the same. You can do the steps below for some products of Apple. Now, iOS asks users to use a lot of digits instead of four digits, when you set your new passcode on your new iPhone.

But here we discuss how to change the iPhone passcode back to a 4-digit numeric code. There’s a sophisticated and practical way to make your iOS device even more secure by using alphanumeric passcode.

change iphone 8 passcode back to 4 digits

For iPhone 5s and above passcode comes with a Touch ID feature where we just need to paste our pre-set fingerprint on the home button, so we do not need to type a password to enter the main menu skill. We can open the lock screen even if people see it so that our password will not be known to others.

It means that the user can combine passwords by using letters and numbers as you do when logging on to a website and more. The combination allows you to change your iPhone passcode with unlimited possibilities.

Regardless of whether you have a Touch ID or Face ID model iPhone, Apple needs you to set a six-digit passcode as a backup. A few years ago, the four-digit passcode that was used for this was modified.

However, you have the option to change passcode to return it to a four-digit code or use a unique or alphanumeric passcode, which we also discuss below. Follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the settings menu and select Touch ID and Passcode. At this point, you are required to prefix the current passcode as a condition to change to a new passcode.
  2. Type in your current Passcode scroll down to ‘Change Passcode’
  3. Re-input the original passcode, Right above the keypad, you will notice the Passcode Options.
  4. Press the Passcode options.
  5. There will appear a pop-up consisting of a 4-digit numeric code, a custom numeric code, custom alphanumeric code.
  6. Select passcode type – a 4-digit numeric code. Enter your new passcode, and re-enter your new passcode( remember your new passcode to be able to unlock your device).
  7. Finish.
How to Change iPhone 8 Passcode Back to 4 Digits

Well, after doing those steps, your iPhone passcode is back to 4-digit passcode. Is it easy, right? So, do not worry if you need to change your password to four-digit passcode. Apple prepares the tips above for everyone who needs them. Those are the ways to change the iPhone 8 passcode back to a four-digit passcode.

If you pair your Apple Watch with your iPhone, you might have noticed that Apple still uses a straightforward four-digit passcode by default. For users who require it, there is an option in the settings to utilize a more complex passcode.

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Final Thoughts

So, if you want to change passcode type into a four-digit passcode you can do this very easily and quickly but it’s important to remember that a 4 digit passcode is not as secure.

Even more, Apple leaves the option to unlock the iPhone passcode without a computer. Interesting? Follow this post: How to unlock iPhone passcode without computer – iPhone 8,iPhone 8 plus.

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