Activity app on iPhone not working: is that a serious problem?

Activity app on the iPhone is a very useful instrument, that helps you with fitness tracking, watching your activity, and seeing your workout data. The Activity watch app is an instrument that allows you to plan your own workout. But sometimes, it turns out that the Activity app is not working correctly, and you cannot view your results and achievements.

Activity app on iPhone not working6

But do not worry, there are a lot of advice and instructions that can bring the app to life and refresh the results that the Apple Watch collects, you can choose the method that suits you best.

So, if you want to fix Activity app on your iPhone, just read the article carefully, and you can easily find all the answers you need.

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Activity app on iPhone not working2

How to fix your app on your iPhone: methods and instructions

An activity app not working correctly can mean several problems. It may be the Apple Watch Activity app is not getting all the information from the phone, and you cannot see any recent data on the phone.

Another thing is that there is no data both on the Apple Watch and on the iPhone, and you cannot see the data to check your activity progress.

Sometimes, there is nothing terrible, it is just a delay in the information delivery and this is why your activity is not there, you cannot find it.

Activity app on iPhone not working5

Whatever the reason is, you absolutely may fix the Activity app on the iPhone and continue using the app for fitness tracking, as there was absolutely no problem at all.

As mentioned earlier, you do not have to go to Apple Service to repair your Apple Watch, you can easily solve the problem. So, there you will undoubtedly see the methods that you can use, and if one of them didn’t help you, you should use another one by all means. But be careful and follow the instructions to fix Activity app on your iPhone.

Activity app on iPhone not working3

Check the privacy settings on the iPhone

Sometimes the thing about the Activity app not working is the fact of accidental change of privacy settings.

  1. You need to move from the Home Screen right to the Settings app.
  2. There, when you open the Settings app, you have to find the line with “Privacy and Security”.
  3. There, in “Privacy and Security” you should find “Location Services”.
  4. The “Location Services” must be switched on.
  5. Find the “System Services”
  6. There will be “Motion Calibration and Distance” with the switcher. The slider must be moved to turn green, so do it, if it isn’t like that.

This will certainly fix the app on the iPhone. If the Airplane Mode is turned on, it means that you absolutely have to make Airplane Mode switched off and launch your app.

Check the privacy settings on the iPhone

Networks on the watch and Internet connection on the phone

Another reason for the appeared problem with the Activity app not working is that there may be network problems with the Apple Watch and iPhone. You surely have to ensure that there is nothing wrong with the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth networks.

You have to find the watch face on the device and swipe that up.

Another way is to press the bottom of the screen and press it until the bar of gray color appears, and then swipe the lane up as well.

Now you can notice that the Apple Watch has disconnected from the iPhone. Now you have to ping the Apple Watch using the Ping feature. You can undoubtedly find the function in the Apple Watch’s Control Center.

to ping the Apple Watch

After these actions, you have to switch off the Wi-Fi in the Control Center of the Apple Watch and switch it on again. You need to do the same with Bluetooth.

Further, you have to relaunch both your iPhone and your Apple Watch. After it, get them connected.

In most cases, it is quite unproblematic to fix the issue with the app because it is only an awful Internet connection that doesn’t allow you to get the data from the Apple Watch. 

So, you have to ensure that you can restore the Internet connection, for instance, by just moving closer to the router if you are at home.

After that, you absolutely need to ensure that you haven’t switched on Airplane Mode accidentally. If it is right, just turn Airplane Mode off and restore the Internet network.

Networks on the watch and Internet connection on the phone

You have to hard reset the iPhone and restart the Apple Watch

What you have with the Watch app is possible to solve by resetting your iPhone and Apple Watch restarting. It is very different to activate in several different iPhone models, so, here are the instructions for some of them, so, check your model and follow the instructions carefully.

If your model is iPhone 6S or lower, you need to click on the “Power” button and at the same time tap on the button with the icon of Home. Now you have to wait for the Apple logo.

If your model is iPhone 7 Plus or iPhone 7, you have to tap on the “Volume Down” button and in the meantime tap on the button that is “Power key”. You will see the phone company logo.

Apple logo

If your model is iPhone 8, it means that you need to tap on the “Volume Up” button and get it off after some time. You have to repeat it with the opposite button. You should press the button which means “Power off”. After doing that, you can definitely notice the Apple logo.

After these actions, press and at the same time hold the “Side” button to make your phone turn on.

It surely helps with the app.

Restarting your Apple Watch can help with the problems as well. Read the short instructions.

Click the Digital Crown. You have to press the “Side” button. After that, move the toggle to “Power off” which you will notice. 

You have to wait and then make your Apple Watch turned on. This helps to fix the app on your iPhone and enable fitness tracking.

You have to hard reset the iPhone and restart the Apple Watch

Move goal: set a new one

To quickly get rid of the question with the Activity app not working, you can change the goal for the moves on the Apple Watch Activity app. This method helps many people to sync the data normally.

So, you only have to open the Apple Watch Activity app. In your workout app, you have to find the “Change Goals” button. Move down if you want to find what you are looking for.

You have to change the Move goals. Be careful and do not forget to save the changes.

Change Goals

Force quit the Apple Watch app on both your iPhone and Apple Watch

You should force quit the Apple Watch app, which can help. This way closes the fitness app on your iPhone.

To quit the Activity app, you have to follow the instructions carefully.

Firstly, you have to press “Side”. After that, you’ll certainly see apps that are working right now, even in the background.

Then you have to choose the Activity app and get the app to the left. You can notice a red button. You have to press it. Then the process is done.

All you should do is just turn it on again and see that your data is refreshed.

Force quitting the app on your Apple Watch is one way that can assist you, you have to quit the app on the phone as well. The instructions to do it vary, depending on the model of your phone.

If your iPhone has Face ID, you definitely have to follow the next instructions for fixing the fitness app on your iPhone.

You have to swipe up to the Home screen, and after this action, you have to stop in the center of the Home screen. After these actions, you have to go to the Activity app there. Get the app up.

If your iPhone model is without the Face ID, follow the next instructions.

You have to press the “Home” button twice. This may launch the App Launcher, where the most recently used apps are shown to you.

You have to find the Activity app and just swipe it up. This can help to quit the fitness app.

Force quit the Apple Watch app on both your iPhone and Apple Watch

Unpairing Apple Watch or checking the software update

To restore the process on the iPhone, you have to attempt unpairing Apple Watch from the phone and add the Apple ID password when you are asked to. Read the following instructions carefully.

So, you have to move to the “Watch app” on the phone, then find the “Watch tab” and locate “My Watch”. You will notice the “i” icon, then press it. Now you need to try tapping “Unpair Apple Watch”. Remember the Apple ID password.

When you tap “Unpair Apple Watch”, you have to wait and after this action pairs the Watch with the phone.

To get paired iPhone and the watch, follow the instructions carefully.

You have to get the Apple Watch on your hand and switch them on. After this action, you have to attempt to get the iPhone close to your hand. You have to wait, and you will see what has changed on the screen. You will notice the “Continue” button, now tap on it. Press the “Set Up Myself”.

You have to get the Apple Watch on the iPhone.

Wait for a minute or two. You will see what has changed, and you have to click the “Set Up” icon to finish it.

If everything is successful, it means you paired the iPhone and the Apple Watch. Everything that is wrong with the Health app must absolutely disappear.

When there is a new software update, the old one will surely stop working correctly, so that, what you should do is install an update, to be fully correct, you need the latest software version.

You have to go to the “Settings app” on the Apple Watch and locate the “General” line. Further, you have to get to the “Software Update”. You will clearly notice if you need to update the device.

You have to install the software update. When all of these are done, the issue must be solved.

Unpairing Apple Watch or checking the software update

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my Activity app not syncing with my iPhone?

You can say that there can be a lot of reasons for this issue. Maybe, it is just a delay, and very soon you will see the data on your iPhone. Or it is the bad internet connection that caused all the problems. If you switched on Airplane Mode accidentally, you have to switch the Airplane Mode off. You should definitely read the instructions below and solve it.

Why isn’t my Apple Watch picking up my activity?

Undoubtedly, the cause of such problems can vary: from bad internet connection to serious issues with the app when you have to do a lot of actions to refresh the information, like if you get to reset fitness calibration data.

How do you reset activity App on iPhone?

Launch the phone and find the special “Watch app”. After these instructions, it is required to tap on the “Watch tab”.

In the “Watch tab”, it is required to press “Privacy”. You may easily take a look and notice the Apple Watch app, and the line “Reset Fitness Calibration Data”. You have to click it. This resetting fitness calibration data can definitely help you.

Activity app on iPhone not working4

In conclusion: fixing the issue is easy

This kind of problem with your workout app on your iOS device can confuse you, but no worries, you can absolutely fix it without spending much time and resources. You can start with simple methods, the methods will take a minute to do, for instance, checking the internet connection, or even unpair Apple Watch and then checking the update.

In any case, if there are still issues, don’t be afraid to contact professionals that will surely fix your problems quickly.

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