What to do if Instagram notifications not working on iPhone?

Are you an avid Instagram user but frustrated due to notification problems?

There is no need to worry, you are not alone. This is a common problem that many iPhone users have experienced. The good news is that there are solutions to this issue.

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In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide and a compilation of the best suggestions and instructions to fix Instagram notifications. So, keep reading to find out how to make Instagram notifications appear on your iPhone.

Causes of Instagram notification issues

There are various reasons for Instagram notifications not working on your iPhone. Some of the most common causes include application settings, device, network connection, and Instagram account settings.

It may be difficult to get notifications if one or more of these settings are improperly set up.

Application settings

The failure of Instagram notifications may be caused by incorrect Instagram configurations. One potential explanation is that the app’s notifications were turned off in your smartphone’s settings.

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To resolve this issue, proceed to iPhone Settings, tap Notifications, and select Instagram, then enable Instagram notifications.

Phone settings

Instagram notifications not working on iPhone, can be due to improper phone settings.

One probable explanation is that the Do Not Disturb mode has been activated, which prevents all notifications from coming through. Look by going to the Control Center and ensuring that the crescent moon icon is not highlighted.

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Additionally, you should check your smartphone’s battery optimization settings because low-power mode may postpone or completely disable Instagram notifications.

Network connection

Poor network connectivity is another reason for Instagram notifications not working on iPhone. Instagram notifications may not be received if your internet connection is poor or inconsistent.

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In this case, try connecting to a different network or restarting your router to scan if it fixes Instagram notifications.

Account settings

Eventually, incorrect account settings are another causality of why Instagram notifications not working. For instance, the notifications are not reaching your iPhone if your Instagram account is connected to numerous devices.

Tap on the profile icon and look through the account settings. You can solve this issue by logging out of your account on all of your other gadgets, then logging back in solely on your iPhone.

Fixing Instagram notification issues on iPhone

It might be annoying for some users when their iPhones are having trouble receiving Instagram notifications. Fortunately, there are several methods to troubleshoot and fix these issues:

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Inspect and edit the application’s notifications

To troubleshoot Instagram notifications not working on your iPhone, begin by checking the app’s notification settings. The user’s notification preferences govern the push notifications sent by Instagram to their phone. To access Instagram notification preferences, launch the Settings app on your iPhone, tap Notifications, and tap Instagram app icon.

From there, you can modify your Instagram notification preferences. To activate notifications, choose Allow Notifications and ensure that it will enable notification.

Try turning the Notifications tab under the Instagram application’s settings on and off if the Enable Notifications choice is currently selected, and you are still not receiving notifications. In the settings, you could also try to pause notifications and then restart.

Check both your Lock Screen settings and the Instagram application’s notification settings to confirm that you can get iPhone notifications. To begin, make sure your iPhone allows alerts to show on the Lock Screen. Moreover, on your iPhone, visit the Settings app and pick the Notifications settings.

Select the Instagram app icon and make sure the Enable Notifications option is enabled. This will assist guarantee that Instagram application alerts are enabled on your iPhone and that you don’t miss any essential changes or messages.

Update the app and iOS software

To maintain seamless operation and to resolve Instagram notifications not working, keep the Instagram app and your iPhone’s system up to date. You could be using an older version of iOS if the Instagram app notifications aren’t functioning. In this instance, the first step should be to update the app and program.

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Check whether there are any updates for Instagram on the App Store before updating it. Clicking the “Update” button next to Instagram allows you to download any available updates. Test to see whether the notification issue has been rectified after updating the app.

To check for iOS upgrades, open tap Settings app, go to General, and then Software Update. Tap “Download and Install” to update the software on your iPhone if there’s a software option available. Upgrading the iOS software might help to fix Instagram notifications.

Reset network settings

If you are experiencing network-related notification issues on Instagram, resetting your iPhone’s network settings may help fix the issue. This method involves resetting your network settings to their default state, which can help clear any network-related issues that may be affecting the Instagram app.

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To reset, go to the Settings app on your iPhone, select General, and then tap on Reset. From there, select Reset Network Settings and enter your passcode when prompted. This will erase all your current network data, including Wi-Fi passwords, VPN configurations, and cellular settings.

It is important to note that resetting your network may also affect your mobile data and cellular data settings. If you have any custom settings for your mobile data or cellular data, you may need to reconfigure them after the process.

Reinstall the Instagram app

Reinstalling the Instagram application is a simple yet effective solution that can help fix notification problems on your iPhone. The process involves completely removing the app from your iOS devices and then reinstalling it. This can help get rid of any corrupted data or files that may be causing the notification issue.

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To delete app, locate the app on your home screen and press and hold it until the app icons start shaking. Then, tap the X icon on the Instagram app and confirm that you want to delete Instagram. Once the app is deleted, go to the App Store and search for Instagram. Select the app and tap the Install button to reinstall Instagram again.

After the app is downloaded and installed, tap on the profile icon and log in to your Instagram account and check if the Instagram notifications issue has been resolved.

Contact Instagram support

If you have tried all the methods above and are still experiencing notification issues on Instagram, you can contact Instagram Support for further assistance.

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Go to the Instagram Help Center on their website and select the issue you are experiencing. From there, you can contact Instagram Support via email or through the app itself.

Advanced solutions for Instagram notification issues on iPhone

If you have tried the basic troubleshooting methods and still face Instagram notification issues on your iPhone, you may need to explore advanced solutions. In this section, we will discuss two advanced solutions that can help fix Instagram notifications on iPhones.

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Disable Do Not Disturb

Do Not Disturb is a useful feature on the iPhone that allows you to mute push notifications and calls when you need some quiet time. However, if Do Not Disturb is enabled for a prolonged period, it can cause notification issues on Instagram. If you have enabled Do Not Disturb and are experiencing notification issues on Instagram, try disabling this mode.

On your iPhone, open the Settings app, choose Do Not Disturb, then turn off the switch next to the function to disable it. The Notification Center of your iPhone will receive notifications, including Instagram notifications.

Turn off battery optimization

iOS comes with a feature called Battery Optimization, which helps extend the battery life of your iPhone by limiting the battery usage of apps. However, this feature causes issues with notifications if it limits the app’s background activity. Try to disable Low-Power Mode and enable background activities if you are having problems with Instagram notifications.

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Go to the Settings app, select Battery, and then press Battery Usage to turn off Battery Optimization for Instagram. Next, select Instagram and flip the button to disable Low-Power Mode. This prevents iOS devices from restricting Instagram’s background activities and may help in the resolution of notification issues.

On your iPhone, Background App Refresh should be enabled for push notifications, including Instagram notifications, to work properly. While your phone is in Low-Power Mode, the Background App Refresh may be paused or turned off.

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Apps like Instagram may periodically check for new data and modifications in the background, even while the app is not active, thanks to a feature called Background App Refresh. When the app is deactivated or switched off, it won’t automatically refresh, so you won’t receive any notifications.

In a similar vein, the iPhone’s Low-Power Mode is intended to prolong battery life whilst also minimizing background activities. Due to this mode’s automatic disablement of Background app refresh, push notifications—including Instagram notifications—do not function as intended.

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As a result, when using Instagram, it is critical to enable Background refresh rather than restrict it, especially if you are encountering troubles with push notifications not working. Just enable “Background Refresh” under “General” in the settings on your iPhone to activate it.


In conclusion, there are a variety of fixes you can attempt if you’re having problems with Instagram notifications on your iPhone. These ideas and methods might help you repair the issue and resume getting notifications. Start from checking Instagram settings to reinstalling the app.

Keep in mind that this is a frequent issue and that you can address it with a little perseverance and work. You will be able to enjoy a flawless Instagram experience and never miss a notification again if you follow the procedures provided in this post.

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Why are my Instagram notifications not working even though they are on?

Instagram notifications may not work even when they are switched on for several reasons. App settings, phone settings, low-power mode, and account settings are among them. It is critical to troubleshooting each of these areas to find the problem’s core cause and fix it appropriately.

Why am I not getting notifications even though they are turned on?

There could be an issue with the app or your iPhone’s settings if Instagram notifications not working despite all features being switched on. You can attempt to update the app and iOS software, reset the network, or reinstall the Instagram app.

Why isn’t Instagram notifying me when I get a DM?

There may be a bug in the program or a setting on your iPhone that prevents you from getting notifications for Instagram direct messages. Check your app notification settings, update the app and iOS software, reset network settings, or reinstall the Instagram app.

Why are my notifications not showing up on iPhone iOS 15?

If notifications are not showing up on your iPhone running iOS 15, there may be an issue with your device’s or app settings. You can try checking your device settings and ensuring that notifications are enabled for the Instagram app.

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