How to delete hidden purchased apps on iPhone [Guide]

Every user often needs to delete software icons from a home screen. Clearing your workspace helps you to find the tools you need quickly. By the way, you also get more free memory space in the internal memory. In this case, your device works faster.

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At the same time, the iPhone app you do not wish to install can be invisibly set up on your smartphone.

To remove hidden apps on iPhone which can be useless or even harmful, it is important to understand how the Settings app or App Library works. This is a tool to permanently delete hidden apps on iPhone. Here is the detailed guide.

How do I find hidden apps?

The App Library menu contains all the apps you have on the smartphone, no matter if they are placed on the home screen or invisible.

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The user can permanently delete the hidden apps by the easy method. In the beginning, open the main/home screen. When it’s completed, execute the three actions.

  1. Swipe the main screen left several times until the App Library icon appears on the home screen.
  2. Insert the name of the software you are going to look for and get rid of in the special search window.
  3. Press the name of the hidden app on the App Library when it pops up while typing the first characters of it.

Ok, here it is. You have handled it!

How to delete hidden apps

You have already found out how to take out useless hidden apps from your smartphone. To delete hidden app purchases, you should do a little bit more. Visit the main/home screen at the beginning.

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Then, follow the instructions below.

  1. Press the App Library icon on the main/home screen and tap on the app.
  2. Tap on it and do not release it until the special menu pops up.
  3. Tap Delete app and press Ok.

Great! You have just found out how to select Delete app after you hide apps.

The second way to manage hidden apps (the App Library is not required)

The Settings app on the home screen also helps to permanently delete hidden apps and app data on iPhone. In this case, the App Library is not required. There are five simple stages to delete purchased apps.

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  1. Activate the home screen and tap on the Settings app icon on it.
  2. Select the General option. It is located nearly at the bottom of the menu.
  3. Press iPhone storage. It contains invisible/hidden purchases on iPhone.
  4. Choose the hidden app you are going to throw out.
  5. Tap Delete app to throw out hidden files.

Frequently asked questions

How do I remove hidden purchases from the Apple App Store?

To make the iPhone app you have downloaded invisible, visit the App Store first. When it’s completed, tap on the snapshot of your profile, choose the Purchased tab, go into My Purchases, swipe left on its menu, and press the Hide option.

Can you permanently delete the app purchase history on iPhone?

There is no such opportunity. Instead, users can hide apps and the history of downloads. To secure your privacy, follow the steps we have already described for you in the previous answer. It will help you to keep the purchase history private.

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Should I buy the deleted hidden app again if I change my mind and need to use it?

No, you shouldn’t because you have already bought it. To use it again, log in with your Apple ID and re-download the application you need again.

Will the information about the downloads remain in the app purchase history if I delete hidden purchases?

Yes, it will. If you also want to clear the app purchase history, you have to choose the iTunes & App Store option, which is located on Settings (on the home screen). After that, insert your Apple ID to log in and follow the tips.

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What should I do to delete hidden apps from iCloud?

First, look at the iCloud bar on the main/home screen. There will be the Manage Storage option below. Tap on it, insert your Apple ID, and follow the instructions on your smartphone.

Do I have another way to deactivate the hidden app?

Yes, you do. You can block the application instead of removing it. To do so, press Screen Time. The section is located on the Settings menu. Then, go to Content & Privacy Restrictions. Select iTunes & App Store Purchases there. Finally, press the Don’t Allow button.


If you want your smartphone to be faster, more comfortable for using, and secured, you should be aware and able to make the hidden apps on iPhone visible, uninstall the software, and hide the purchase history.

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There are the following simple steps to manage it.

  1. On the home screen, choose the App Library.
  2. Select the desired app you need to remove and tap Delete app on the application’s menu.

Maybe you will like another way to get rid of useless hidden apps on your iPhone.

  1. Select the Settings app icon on the main/home screen.
  2. Choose General options and tap on the iPhone storage button.
  3. Tap hidden purchases on iPhone and remove them with the Delete Apps button.

If it’s necessary to permanently delete hidden apps from the App Store and App Store history, tap on your profile snapshot first. Then, type your Apple ID and uninstall the application on the Purchased menu through the My Purchases option.

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