How to Block Snapchat on iPhone: the most complete instruction

How to Block Snapchat on iPhone? Social media apps are a thing of interaction for people. Youth are very fond of the Snapchat app, an instant messaging app. However, youth must be cautious, as the privacy is misleading.

It’s important to understand the risks and know how to block or delete the Snapchat app, if necessary. Whether it’s to reduce distractions from your child’s iPhone, apply a screen time limit, or protect kids from inappropriate content, there is a chance that blocking Snapchat is an action toward a safe life.

How to Block Snapchat on iPhone: the most complete instruction
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You have the option to block Snapchat cache on your iPhone’s home screen effortlessly via activating the ‘Screen-time’ from the settings app. Furthermore, you might get to know how to fix time limit and downtime, and methods to use app limits or restrict the app functions without fully erasing them.

Dangers of Snapchat for kids and teens Snapchat

Before we start learning how to block Snapchat on iPhone screen, we have to examine what are the risks and dangers of the app when it is used on a child’s phone.

Communication with strangers

Kids often find memes and reels on social media. Getting to know someone before accepting a request may not be their priority. Unfortunately, that makes them vulnerable to those who may use stolen identities.

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To prevent that, parents must converse with their children about strangers on Snapchat and other social media apps and explain that disclosing private data is a high risk.

Bullying and cyber threats

It is crucial to be aware of the risks associated with apps like Snapchat, which are bullying and cyber threats.

It includes the form of posting vulgar comments, sharing personal information, and embarrassing photos without permission.

Snap Map reveals the live location

Snap and other app maps may help criminals find a child’s location through a child’s phone, making them vulnerable to various dangers such as addiction, theft, harassment, assault, and kidnapping.

They can easily entice children with attractive offers or events.

Once snaps disappear, they can’t be monitored

Snapchat and other apps installed on social media platforms say photos disappear after being sent, but that’s not entirely true.

Snaps are saved in the Snapchat folder and can be retrieved with the Snap Recovery tool, except when the individual logs out. So, the idea that photos disappear forever is not completely accurate. So, the idea that photos disappear forever is not completely accurate.

Methods on how to block Snapchat app on iPhone home screen

Having considered some risks and dangers, move on to protection measures and methods on how to delete Snapchat app or how to block Snapchat on iPhone.

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Educate kids about Snapchat on iPhone

Teach kids to identify danger and recognize criminals luring with game offers and photo discounts and explain how to block apps and report offensive content.

The easiest ways how to block Snapchat on iPhone or delete Snapchat

Do you want to block or restrict Snapchat on your child’s iPhone?These are some easy methods to restrict Snapchat or prevent your child.

Uninstall the app from the child’s iPhone

Uninstalling Snapchat on your iPhone or your child’s phone is a great way to block it and it’s the same as you do with any other apps. Proceed as follows.

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Look for the Snapchat app icon. Press the Snapchat app icon. All your app icons may commence shaking. When the Snapchat app’s icon shakes, keep holding it.

Press the Snapchat icon. A question appears on the screen inquiring if you want to delete the app. When you press the icon, the deletion stage commences.

Block Snapchat on iPhone’s home screen through App Store purchases

Erasing is indeed one way to block Snapchat. When you block Snapchat on your or your child’s phone, it implies that the app is no longer accessible to the child.

There are two ways. First, you need to restrict the app’s download from the App Store and block Snapchat in your web browsers.

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To efficiently prevent Snapchat from being used on your or your child’s iPhone, you must activate the ‘Screen Time’ features. Take that action, if you haven’t done it yet!

  • open the settings app and press on the screen.
  • push on the button ‘Use Screen Time Passcode’. It’s important to remember the passcode.
  • push on the privacy restrictions menu.
  • push Don’t Allow in ‘App purchases.’

Setting a limit on screen time app via the screen limit option

The iPhone offers a screen time feature to apply restrictions on app usage, including Snapchat. That reduces inappropriate content appearance. To apply that settings app, see the listed guidelines below.

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To limit your Snapchat usage or set content restrictions, open the settings app then, click on ‘Screen Time’ and select ‘App Limits’. Click on ‘Add Limit’ and choose Snapchat from the apps list.

Next, fix a desired time limit for each day or a suitable daily time limit for your Snapchat usage. That helps to manage time effectively.

Creating app restrictions helps manage Snapchat usage for a more productive digital life.

Limiting Snapchat access with app limits

To access ‘App Limits’, click on ‘Screen Time’. Insert the Screen Time password. Press the ‘Add Limit’. Select ‘Social’ in the listing of categories.

After, press the ‘Next’. Adjust the smallest duration. After, access is effectively restricted for the entire day. Press the ‘Add’ to apply the limit.

Arranging a schedule for downtime on iPhone via the Settings app.

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Scheduling downtime is an effective scheme to block Snapchat on your child’s iPhone.

To allow Snapchat downtime assignments, make sure it’s not in the ‘Always Allowed‘ section of your iPhone’s settings app. If so, press the red minus symbol to take it out. Once you’ve completed everything required, fix a suitable downtime, which lasts as long as you wish over 24 hours.

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These help with scheduling downtime and blocking the Snapchat app. Open the Settings app and select ‘Screen Time’. Click the ‘Downtime’ feature. Switch on Scheduled and apply a schedule from one hour to another hour to block apps. Press ‘Switch on Downtime’ until ‘Schedule’ to enable it.


To switch off Snapchat notifications on your iPhone, open the Settings app. Then, scroll through the menu and select ‘Notifications’.

When you set notification settings for all your apps, including Snapchat, there is a chance that all the necessary actions will be completed.

To turn off Snapchat notifications, find the app among the icons. Click on it and find the “Notifications” option. Find the “Enable notifications” item in the settings. Switch it to Off to turn off notifications from Snapchat.

Parental Controls app

As a parent, if you want to have control over your child’s apps, there is a perhaps that parental control app or remotely block apps will be helpful. If you want to block Snapchat on iPhone, you may activate and use the parental control app. However, it’s important to proceed with the guidance below to ensure that you use the parental control app correctly.

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Accessing parental control on your iPhone requires opening the Settings app. From there, select ‘Screen Time’ and then select ‘Content and Privacy Restrictions’. That brings up the parental control options. To enable these restrictions, create a strong password.

To manage application access, select ‘Content Restrictions’ after setting the password. It’s up to you to choose the age category for each app or deny access to specific ones altogether.

Prevent reinstallation of Snapchat on your iPhone

Go back to the main Screen Time menu. Select ‘Content and Privacy Restrictions’. Switch on the ‘Content and Privacy Restrictions’. Navigate to the ‘iTunes and App Store purchases’. Select ‘Don’t allow’ in-app purchases. That is necessary to prevent Snapchat from being re-downloaded.

Contacting your mobile carrier

Certain mobile carriers offer services to block specific apps or content. Reach out to customer support to inquire about options for blocking Snapchat on your iPhone.

Delete the Snapchat app forever

The actions for deleting Snapchat are as follows:

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  • open ‘Settings’ and go to General’ in your iPhone storage. Create a separate Apple ID for your child. So, it’s possible to turn off in-app purchases and track the content.
  • click ‘Delete App’.
  • once that’s completed, click on ‘Delete App’ once more to confirm your choice.

Working with third-party app

Third-party apps help to block access to certain apps, including such apps as Snapchat, through internet traffic control.

Look for apps on the App Store that provide interfaces and efficient blocking capabilities.

Final words

Blocking Snapchat on your iPhone is an action to control app usage.

Whether you are a parent, or an individual seeking to reduce distractions, these techniques create a productive connection with technology. Apply restrictions, parental controls, and managed access to create an attentive online experience.

Topics & Questions

There are some topics and questions that are listed below.

How do I block Snapchat on my sons iPhone?

To block Snapchat on your sons iPhone, get the Screen Time setting. Screen Time allows the application of a password lock and restricts the amount of time that is used for an app.

How do I disable Snapchat on my child’s phone?

The actions to disable Snapchat are as follows:
find the ‘Apps & Notifications’ option through the opening of the Settings menu.
find Snapchat among the installed apps.
then uninstall or delete Snapchat.

How do I permanently block an app on my iPhone?

click ‘Screen time’.
select ‘Content and Privacy restriction’.
use the password.
click the allowed apps option.
turn off the apps that you wish to block.

How do I restrict Snapchat?

You can block someone on Snapchat in a minute, and here’s how to do it.
log into your account, and swipe to the Chat screen.
to open a chat click friends profile.
select a friend and click on the three-dots icon.
press ‘Block’ and confirm your action.

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