How to Check iPhone 8 Battery Health? Find the Answer Here!

Are you trying to find how to check iPhone 8 battery health? Well, checking iPhone is different from checking android. You need to check your battery health to know the condition of the battery. If the battery is healthy, you can be calm to bring your iPhone everywhere you go. However, if your battery is not health, it will be a problem. You need to make it healthier by repairing it or replacing with the new battery. Moreover, Apple Inc admitted deliberately slow down the working of machines on Apple phones which used old batteries. So, what should you do after knowing this fact?

check iphone 8 battery health

The Way on How to Check iPhone 8 Battery health

You should check your battery condition. How to check iPhone 8 battery health is easy to do. You can do it in some ways. Choose the easiest ways to know that your battery is healthy or not. For you who use the old battery, you should not be worried. You can read some tips below in checking battery health.

  1. Battery Life Application

The first way of checking your iPhone battery health is by using battery life application. You can get this application from an Application store. Simply install for free from the App Store, you will be able to see the condition of your iPhone battery. You will know whether it is still healthy or sufficiently ill. When you open this app, this information will be instantly viewable. As information, the level of wear level on the iPhone can vary greatly. If your iPhone has been long enough, then it could be wear level is very large. If the iPhone is new, wear level is still very small and still quite healthy.

  1. Apple Support Application

The other ways are by using Apple Support Application. The simplest way, install the official Apple Support app and log in with Apple ID if it is necessary. The app provides a question and answers session with a technician. You will know the health status of the battery. The technician will tell you how to go to Settings, then privacy and analytic. The app will check and give results.

  1. Coconut Battery

This is the third application from Apple to check the battery health. However, this application is not prepared in the app store so that the risk born by yourself. To use this application, you need to prepare USB to connect with Macbook.

Those three ways can you do as the solution of how to check iPhone 8 battery health? Make sure that your iPhone is always health.

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